Raytheon – murders and maims civilians

I. Raytheon and Cluster Bombs

II. Cluster Munitions Coalition

  • Forty-six countries (as of March 2007) have signed a joint declaration committing themselves to sign a treaty banning the production, use and stockpiling of cluster munitions by 2008. The UK is now a signatory of the declaration. This campaign is being organized by the Cluster Munitions Coalition. In the UK, members of the Coalition include: Amnesty International, CAAT, Handicap International and Landmine Action.
  • Thomas Nash, the coordinator of the Cluster Munitions Coalition, has called for the further step of banning investments in companies that produce cluster munitions. This proposal was on the table for discussion at the Coalition’s meeting in Lima, Peru in May 2007.
  • In 2005, a European Parliament resolution was introduced to ban investments in companies that produce cluster munitions.
  • Also in 2005, the Advisory Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Petroleum Fund excluded Raytheon from the Fund, along with other manufacturers of cluster munitions.
  • In 2007, Belgium passed a law banning all investments in companies that produce cluster munitions.
  • More information on cluster munitions and the campaign against them can be found at: www.stopclustermunitions.org, www.handicap-international.org.uk, www.landmineaction.org
  • Children Killed and Maimed in Cluster Bomb Attack on Town

III. Raytheon in Wales

  • Raytheon already has a presence in Wales, with a production facility at Hawarden Airport in Broughton. The facility there works on systems integration, namely the ASTOR (Airborne Stand-Off Radar) Programme, and the modification, integration and test flying of Sentinel R Mk 1 aircraft.
  • Raytheon is a central member of the Metrix Consortium, that was awarded the St Athan Defence Training Academy contract in January 2007. According to Metrix CEO, Raytheon is “at the core of the training system redesign” the Consortium proposed to the UK Ministry of Defence.

IV. Raytheon Profile

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